The Artof Touching

Shiatsu is a body therapy rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For thousands of years, working on the meridians, i.e. the channels through which life energy flows in our body, has been the basis for acupuncture, acupressure as well as Shiatsu.

The meridians criss-cross both, the surface as well as the deeper areas of our body. They form a dense and interconnected system of energy channels, allowing life energy to flow to all organs and into every cell.

Shiatsu enables the practitioner to directly access the energy flowing through those meridians that are located near the surface of the body. As Shiatsu encompasses meditative elements, conversations between practitioner and client during treatment are ideally kept to a strict minimum. Instead, Shiatsu is about “listening”, i.e. perceiving the “language” of the body and its reactions.

Shiatsu enhances your well-being, provides you with a refined body consciousness and allows you to be entirely centred. Treat yourself to an hour of relaxation in a calm and peaceful environment.


Shiatsu helps strengthen the body’s immune system and eases discomforts such as:

  • Tensions in the neck, shoulder and back area
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Exhaustion and lack of energy
  • General stress symptoms

Treatment & Procedure

In line with Japanese tradition, Shiatsu is practiced with the client lying on a futon, wearing comfortable clothes.

After a short conversation, the massage, which is characterized by calmness and mindfulness, begins. By stretching and rotating limbs and by gently touching the energy channels (meridians) with hands, thumbs, elbows and knees, blockages are dissolved and the flow of energy is stimulated. The result is a harmonious and relaxing feeling.

The session typically concludes after approximately one hour with a feedback discussion.

My Qualifications

3-year training as Zen Shiatsu Practitioner at TAO CHI, Training and Seminar Center, Zurich. Graduated in 2001 with Diploma.

Regular and continuous advanced training courses with various, well-recognized teachers.


One-hour treatment
CHF 100.–

Treatments at your home available by appointment.